Baby Albino Elephant Spotted In The African Wildlife Park

Nicki Coertze/Caters News

Albino is a genetic condition that makes the hair and skin of a person or animal white and eyes pink. At times, an animal with this condition may have pink skin. According to experts, out of each batch of 10,000 mammals that are born on this planet, one is an albino.  So, this condition is rare in animals.

Animals with condition are the center of attention as they are something unique for tourists. Nicki Coertze, who is a photographer and tourist, witnessed and photographed an extremely rare and adorable pink baby elephant when she was in the African Wildlife Park.

Albino animals don’t have enough pigment in their scales, hair, skin and feathers. Over time, exposure to the sun may hurt the poor creature causing damage to her skin due to the lack of pigment.

Throughout her lifespan, the baby will have many risks to face. For the time being, we have no idea how she will suffer because of the condition. Like other animals with this condition, she may lose her eyesight later in life.

Luckily, the baby will be raised in a relatively safer environment of the national park where she won’t be at the mercy of hunters and poachers.

Let’s pray the little baby grows up safely in the safari.

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