This Couple Treated Their Meningitis-Stricken Toddler With Home Remedies. What Happened Next Will Shock You

meningitis child

It’s normal for parents to get so worried when their kids are under the weather. Most of us can’t see our kids in pain and take them for treatment as soon as possible. But this couple had something different in mind. They refused to get their sick toddler hospitalized, which enraged people.

This couple from southern Alberta attempted to treat their kid with home remedies when the poor soul got meningitis. The result: the 19-month toddler lost his life on a fine day in March 2012. A case was filed against them in the court of law where the parents pleaded not guilty.

Both the media and masses tore the couple apart for not taking the innocent toddler to the hospital in time. The parents, on the other hand, responded that the media had misrepresented what actually had happened. They further said that they had documents to prove that they had been taking their kids to the hospital for medical treatment, and that they were not against medical treatments in any way.

But they are still being labeled “baby killers”. Who knows what they had in mind when they tried to treat their toddler on their own. If your child falls sick, it is highly advisable that you take them to the hospital instead of using home remedies.


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