This Huge Snake Bit This Boy Until He Started Bleeding (NSFW!)

Tyler, an innocent boy of NSW town of Macksville, was sleeping when a 3-meter long python climbed onto his bed biting him several times. The poor boy woke up screaming and crying for help. Tyler’s mother, Tammy, heard his screams and rushed to his room. She pulled the horrifying snake off his kid at once.


As seen in the picture, the boy was bitten on his hand and face several times. His bleeding face tells the whole story. Fortunately, the snake wasn’t poisonous or the little boy’s life would be at a huge risk.

The story was shared on a page on Facebook thousands of times in short order. Craig Baker, the uploader of the pictures, informed that Tyler was OK. The snake was taken away from the house. Below is the picture of the snake.



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