Weatherman Tells A Sex Joke That Left Him Red Faced

When the camera was aimed at A weatherman, Charlie Shortino, of NBC 15 got embarrassed when he made an odd sex joke about one of his colleagues on-air.

According to the live telecast, the weatherman told a joke about the female presenter of his show as she said that she told the viewers that she had decided to make friends with a beautiful dog named BettinaCharlie, he said, “I think you two should get a hotel room or something. There is a lot of action going on over there.”

When he said that, the laughter of his co-presenter who was off-screen was heard; however, Charlie took it to the next level by adding, “probably the most action you’ve had in months, huh?” Dead silence!

As predicted, silence took over the entire studio, but Charlie began laughing. Soon he realized that no one got impressed with his joke. To over himself he said, “Well, I crack myself up if I don’t crack anyone else up.”

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