This Escape Slide Discovered After a Fire Looks Both Fun and Terrifying!


A few days back, this picture was shared on Reddit and it started a long never-ending discussion. The escape slide as shown in the picture was made during the period of cold war in Taiwan. Later, it was concealed never to be found until a serious fire broke out in 1995. Nowadays, the escape slide is open for public.

The amazing thing about the slide is that it goes down more than 100 feet underground leading to a bomb shelter constructed post the discovery of the most dangerous weapon, atom bomb.

The space below 100 feet of the surface features a 1400-square-foot bunker, 70 rooms and walls. Each room measures 40 square feet and the walls are 5 feet in thickness. Do you want to check out this creepy escape slide? Well, my answer would be a big NO.

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