Watch The Heartwarming Moment When A Lion Recognized The Kind Woman Who Saved Him

We, humans, help each other, but few of us truly return the favor. But this rule probably doesn’t apply to animals. No matter how cruel you think a beast may be, it won’t forget a favor someone did to them. Take the lion in the video for instance. This woman saved this lion when it was just a cub. The cub was badly injured. So, the woman took care of it until it completely recovered. After a few years, when the cub developed into a young lion, the women went to see him. And to her astonishment, the lion recognized her at once and gave her a huge hug. The emotional moments in the video will definitely warm your heart and bring tears in your eyes.

When I clicked the play button, I was expecting the lion to attack the woman, but what happened next filled my heart with great respect for this creature. Like the story where the rat pulled out the sharp thorn out of the foot of the lion, animals don’t forget. In fact, they forgive a lot better than most people do.

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