A Couple Got Their Dog Cloned Miraculously

A couple from Yorkshire got their deceased dog cloned to make up for the great loss. Their pet dog, Dylan, kicked the bucket on a fine day of June 30, 2015. But the Laura and Richard didn’t want to part ways with their beloved dog. They were looking for a way to preserve his memory.

They contacted Sooam Biotech for this purpose, collected some of their dog’s DNA samples on their own, and sent them to the concerned laboratory in South Korea for cloning. The DNA samples took a bit more time to arrive at the lab than expected, which caused some issues with the growth of the cells. As a result, the experts weren’t sure if the cloning process will be successful.

But, luckily, the cells started to grow in a couple of weeks! In around one month, Soam Biotech confirmed 2 pregnancies. Hearing the great news, Laura Richard rushed to the lab to celebrate the birth. To their astonishment, the little puppies looked exactly like the late Dylan! The couple was over the moon to see the “rebirth” of their deceased dog. Watch the video to see what happened.





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