What These Two Friends Came To Know At Old Age Will Amaze You

While the story seems unbelievable but it’s not a fabricated one. Kathy lived with her mother, one brother and two sisters. What had been bothering her was the identity of her father. It was a sort of family secret.

In 2011, when Kathy had become an adult, she took a glance at her birth certificate for the first time. Her father’s name was Clifford, according to the certificate. She tried to contact him by writing him a letter. He even included her number in the letter. He saw the letter and put it somewhere in his desk.

Decades later, Carol, Clifford’s daughter, saw the letter. His father didn’t confirm that Katy was his daughter. Clifford had only a few weeks left to live as he was a diagnosed with a dangerous disease. Carol wanted to find out about that girl so she called her. This is where her life took a turn.

After putting the pieces together, the two women came to know that they were sisters! What is more is that the two studied in the same school, in the same class and played together. On top of that, they lived just around the corner. Watch the video to know how they found each other!


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